Contribute to the First Collection 

Account Name: Central Presbytery Fund 
BSB: 062-786
Bank Account: 000029248 
Reference: Use your Parish Location to assist in correct allocation & Your Name (e.g. Campbell Smith) 

Planned Giving: Planned Giving is a weekly, fortnightly or monthly contribution to the first and/or second collection via cash, direct Debit or credit card. By contributing set amounts regularly you help the parish to forecast and budget its ongoing expenses. If you are new to Planned Giving and would like more information, please contact the Parish Office. 

PLEASE NOTE: Existing Planned Giving arrangements have not changed. If you have established a regular deduc-tion, that will continue. For information, Planned Giving account details for each Parish follow. These can be used to set up new regular deductions. 

Canberra Central : A/C Name: Canberra Central Parish 
BSB: 062786
A/C: 000013150
Ref: Name & Giving Number 

Blackfriars: A/C Name: Blackfriars Parish Watson 
BSB: 062786
A/C: 000013341
Ref: Name & Giving Number 

St Joseph’s: A/C Name: St Joseph’s Parish 
BSB: 062 786
A/C: 000012798
: Parish & Name 

St Thomas More: A/C Name: St Thomas More Parish 
BSB: 062786 A/C: 000014869 Ref: Campbell/Surname 

Contact the